Friday, March 13, 2009

Calll It Catherine!

Is officially open!


Bookmark it, follow it, obsess over it. You know you want to.


(This means the end of Poundcake Pirate! Thanks to everyone who has read and commented - I appreciate it more than you know!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Goodbye Poundcake Pirate. Hello Call It Catherine.

Just to let y'all know, there is a new blog underway called Call It Catherine. Poundcake Pirate will be deleted. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Lookie lookie what I just found.
Vintage 80's YSL Black Pumps for 99 cents. (Plus $11 shipping, but I can deal.)
I considered not giving you the link, but I decided that that's pretty jerkish. Click.
Thankyou, Sea of Shoes, for inspiring me to peruse ebay.
Although I'm convinced that it was meant to be. 99 cents, my size, and they're even residing in Herndon, VA, which is where I spent 4 years of my childhood.
Destiny. Seriously.
G'night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Forever 21 has some colored skinny jeans for only $13.50 a pop. There are three colors that I like, and I need some help deciding what to get. There's white, which would be a nice staple. There's grey, and grey is one of those colors that I really love right now, but I'm a bit worried that I won't want to wear them once the weather starts to get a bit nicer. And there's purple, which is the most intriguing of the three.
So, should I get all three? Just two? You tell me.

Catherine =]
P.S. Go get yourself some! Click.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Goals, I suppose. Oh, and I'm weird.

Again, I am so sorry for the blog being so dormant. Insert lame excuse about no time here.

This summer my family and I are going to the big island of Hawaii for 3 weeks.

**Side note: If you have the choice, go to the big island instead of Oahu. Oahu is so industrialized, and it's hard (at least for me) to see it as paradise.

It's been the only thing I've been able to concentrate on for the past couple of days. Which is bad, because what I need to focus on is ball handling for basketball and "patience" in my breaststroke. Boo Coach Gill!

I've decided to "design" an few articles of clothing to wear on our trip. I think this will help pass the time, and give me the inspiration to get my gosh darn sewing machine running. I'll try to blog my progress.

BTW - Threadbanger has had some wonderful tutorials over the past couple of weeks! Go make some panties out of a flannel shirt or a super cute dress out of an old sweatshirt! Go!

How have you been?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Oh goodness! Oh my!"

I apologize for being so absent these past few weeks. I just haven't had much desire to come and blog about how my life consists of school, swimming, and basketball. That's no fun. But, I really wanted to share this bit of news about my life because it is uber exciting.....

My sister is most likely moving to Milan! Ahhh!

Well, close to it. 21 miles away from it, to be exact. She's a freshman in college, and she just found out that she can study physics and engineering next year. Free tuition, because she exceeded her AIMS.

Pretty sweet, eh? I told her that I have to fly out for the spring fashion shows. I don't actually want to go to the fashion shows, I just want to hang around outside of them and drool at the oh-so wonderfully dressed fashionistas and...fashionitos?.



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Night At The Ombre.

I really love ombre. Get me some for my birthday?

(In Order)
Burberry Spring 2009

Forever 21

Nicole Miller

Alberta Ferreti

Urban Outfitters

Badgley Mischka


Diane Von Furstenburg

Martha Stewart

Find out how to do some DIY ombre-ing here!

Pumping Someone Else's Blood.

Hello, hello. I just got back from a grueling 2 hour swim workout followed by another 2 hours of basketball. Forgive me if I sound illiterate; I'm tired.

Next week is spirit week, and it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. We don't have to wear uniforms all week (Amazing) Tuesday is twin day, Wednesday is 80's day, Thursday is crazy hair day and Friday is jersey day.

On Tuesday, Leslie, Jynae, Morgan, and I are going to do a quadruplets thing. I'm not sure what we're wearing (Leslie dresses sporty, Jynae is kinda emo, Morgan is skater and I am...classic?). More on that once I know the details.

On Wednesday I want to do a lot of bright colors. I'm using this as my inspiration:

(That looks 80's, right?)

Thursday, I'll probably just spray my hair different colors or something.

Friday I'll be wearing my basketball jersey and jeans. Simple.

Have a good night!

P.S. Sorry for the non-fashion related posts/not posting at all. I promise I'll update more often =]

Friday, January 9, 2009

Eat. Sleep. Swim.

I decided to dedicate this post to swimming, as it seems that that is all I do these days. I started swimming 6 months ago, because, like many others across the nation, Michael Phelps amazed and inspired me. I just thought he was the cutest little thing. And then I liked him. And then I was in fan-girl type love. And then I was in official love. Yeah, something like that. I thought that if I swam, I would go to the olympics, and Michael Phelps would fall madly in love with me and we'd be merry. Just like that. Boom boom boom. So my dad took me to the aquatic center one Monday and I said, "So, can I swim?" It was great. They were in the middle of a season so I was always in the lane with a higher time for different sets. I would do 100's in 3:00, while those around me did them at 2:30. I got the hang of it around November, and I just kind of started doing laps around those who were faster than me a couple of months ago. I quickly became one of the four fastest people on the team. With swimming, you can always tell when you're getting faster. Your coach will have you do 100's on 3:00, then 2:55, then 2:50, and so on. It's amazing how quickly you progress. Right now my practice sets for 100 frees are at 1:30, which I'm proud of.

My best stroke is breast stroke. I'm the fastest breast stroker on my team. My best events are the 100 breast and the 50 back, surprisingly. I'm actually not that great at the 50 free or 50 breast. Don't know why.

I've become very defensive of swimming. People always say that swimming is a piece of cake, which it is anything but. You know what I say? "You wouldn't make it through my warm up."

So, that's what I've been up to. How are youu?