Friday, September 26, 2008

MMmm. Literature.

I know this sounds random. I have this urge to go and have a long conversation with someone about books, music, and art. Mmmm, over coffee, on a crisp fall day. Doesn't that just sound incredibly appealing? Gosh, it sounds like pure awesomeness to me! I don't ever talk to anyone about that kind of stuff. Like, none of my 14 year old friends want to talk about Frank Sinatra (they think that Michael Buble is better....I haven't gotten over that yet) or my recent yearning to go crazy in Borders.

Who wants to have virtual coffee with me?! On a virtual crisp fall day?!

You know you do.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Grumble, grumble.

I have swim practice in like 10 minutes.

And I am le tired! (teeheee!)

I'll post later today. =]



Well then. Hello there. Welcome to my crazy, random blog.

I'm a very simple almost-fourteen-year-old girl. I'm a competitive swimmer, an aspiring designer, and I have a special place in my heart for all things DIY and eco-friendly. I live in Tucson, Arizona and I adore it. The only thing I know for sure about my future is the tattoo that will live on my shoulder blade and the small, discreet nose piercing that I plan on getting. I have way too many dreams and aspirations to fulfill in one lifetime, and I don't know how I'm going to pull it all off. I love Michael Phelps, Ted Allen, Mo Rocca and Lance Bass. They are all the epitomy of awesome. I'm pretty spunky and crazy when you get to know me. I don't believe that anything or anyone is "ugly". As of right now, I have a fascination with yellow (all shades, from neon to mustard) I've been sewing for almost a year now, and without it I would be totally non-functioning and psychotic. It is the ultimate therapy. Music is wonderful - my favorites are Aerosmith, ABBA, Frank Sinatra, and Skylar Blue (I know - quite a wide range!) And since I can't wait to post something about the Burberry Spring 2009 line, I'll just go ahead and share my love for it with thee.

Go here to view the entire collection.

Incredible. The only word that comes to mind. My favorites are the following:

Those jeans are simply spectacular(get used to the word, it's my favorite!) I absolutely need a pair. If you know of any sites that have a similiar light-to-dark thing, please, please let me know (preferably under $ I said, I'm not even 14 yet!) And oye, that cardigan - and those chunky bracelets. The entire look is just perfect, simply put.

Ahhh, trench coats and simple, easy-to-wear dresses. It's hard to name two articles of clothing that I love more.

Look at how he's standing! I just had to slip this in. I tried to do it earlier, and nearly fell(maybe that's just because of my horrible balance!) The camera caught him at the right time, I guess.

Gracias to ModelCouture for the photos and to all of you for reading!
Have a lovely Tuesday!

Poundcake Pirate/Catherine. =]